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Our training is simple, easy to learn, easy to apply and affordable

Learn and Earn Workshop

Welcome to Your FREE Learn & Earn Workshop Series and Condition Based Selling Series Web Based Training

PSAA is very proud to announce our newly developed LEARN & EARN WORKSHOP Series  and our innovative CONDITION BASED SELLING Series Web Based Training Courses that's also available in MP3 audio format.

Our Web Based Training Series are Service Advisor skill development courses and are designed to be simple, easy to learn, easy to apply and highly effective in today's ever changing automotive industry. These courses will prepare you for the many challenges Service Advisors face every day.

These courses explain proven customer relationship building strategies as well as how to use many effective retail sales selling techniques. Even the most experienced Service Advisors can benefit from these courses and improve their productivity.

Our courses are detailed, focused on customer sensitive situations and utilize easy to use strategies. Strategies that provide Service Advisors with the skills needed to take advantage of the up-sell opportunities for a variety of recommended or needed services. PSAA web based courses teach our Members how to help customers understand the value of properly maintaining their vehicle and protecting their investment.

Simple, Easy to Use and Effective … the core concept for all our FREE Web Based Training Courses.

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Self Assessment Survey

We identify your areas of strength and best opportunities for improvement

Self Assessment Survey for Service Advisors

We help Service Advisors achieve higher levels of professional and personal success

Once you become a PSAA Member, you will receive a FREE Service Advisor Self Assessment Survey. This tool will be utilized by YOU to identify your areas of strength and the best opportunities for your improvement.

When a Service Advisor becomes a Member of PSAA, the process begins to transform that individual into a true Professional Service Advisor. PSAA Members are trained to serve customers with a new attitude of professional service and provide a superior service experience that increases customer satisfaction and retention.

We measure our success by the success of our Members. We are dedicated to providing resources to Members so they can succeed professionally and financially in the demanding automotive service industry.

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Online Education MP3 Audio Format

We train Professional Service Advisors today to succeed tomorrow

Online 'Self Help' Training for Service Advisors

Online Education and MP3 Audio

We provide "real-world" training to all PSAA Members that's easy to learn and use, regardless of experience or skill level.

For New Service Advisors:

  • Basic Skills Training Manual
  • Retail Sales Process Strategies
  • Learn To Earn Workshop Series
  • Condition Based Selling Series

For Experienced Service Advisors:

  • Peer Group Best Practices Sharing
  • Simple & Easy to Use Retail Selling Techniques
  • Easy Access to Your Performance Tracking Tool
  • FREE Web Based Training Series To Enhance Skills

New training courses will be available periodically throughout the year to promote a continuous learning environment.

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Customized Retail Sales Tracker

Creating highly skilled Professional Service Advisors for today's automotive industry

Track and earn effective customer service

Customized Retail Sales Daily Tracker

Are you looking for an affordable and effective way to improve retail sales in the service lane? Do you need new ideas on how to increase retail sales and generate higher levels of service revenue?

At PSAA, we are dedicated to providing access to resources that improve Service Advisor retail selling skill sets with a platform for shared information designed to motivate our Members to succeed daily. PSAA helps Service Advisors to develop professionally and improve their retail sales. We also help to develop and enhance the customer relations skills required to be successful in today's demanding automotive service industry.

PSAA Is Your Source For Success

Our motto,"Preparation + Opportunity = Success" defines what we do…

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CHAT ROOM Member Forum

Learn from your Peers with our interactive
Member Forum

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CHAT ROOM Member Forum

The CHAT ROOM Member Forum is an area of the website where you can share best practices, ideas, suggestions and experiences, and is designed to help you improve in all areas of the service lane process.

The CHAT ROOM Member Forum gives each Service Advisor the opportunity to reach out to peers with questions and answers that are shared by Service Advisors with all levels of customer relations and retail selling skills.

As a PSAA Member, you now have a platform that will allow you to communicate and discuss specific strategies or topics with other Members NATIONWIDE, that can help improve your overall sales performance and professional success.

Once you're a PSAA Member, we strongly urge you to participate in your CHAT ROOM Member Forum benefits and take full advantage of all the priviledges.

Service Advisors Forum Example
  • Topic of the Week
  • Member Discussion of Various Topics
  • Share Best Practices with other Members
  • Interactive Learning Experiences
  • Peer Based Support Group
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FREE Evaluation Survey

Snapshot analysis of where you are now versus where you want to be

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PSAA FREE Evaluation Survey

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