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PSAA (Professional Service Advisors Association) was created as a training organization dedicated to improving Service Advisor skill sets for all Members, while preparing them for a rewarding career in the automotive service industry. All PSAA courses are available in MP3 format for our Member’s listening convenience.

PSAA's CHAT ROOM Member Forum provides an outstanding platform for professional growth, where Service Advisor Members can share ideas, lessons learned and best practices while having the ability to communicate with other PSAA Members NATIONWIDE. PSAA's easy to use, "real-world" based training is designed to develop and enhance Service Advisor skills required in this dynamic industry.

We know the general public is starving for professional attention and someone to trust when needing maintenance or repair service for their vehicle. Service Advisors need resources to deliver better customer service and to utilize these techniques to constantly polish their retail selling skills in an ever-changing, demanding, service lane driven business.

Our training programs are aligned with dealer objectives involving service related marketing, retail revenue, expense control, advisor productivity and customer retention.

We realize many dealers are in desperate need of affordable ways to maximize their efforts in fixed operations. Our annual membership is very affordable, easy to use and effective. PSAA’s primary focus is related to improving Service Advisors retail sales performance and customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

PSAA is dedicated to the success of each Service Advisor Member. We are not successful unless our Members are successful. We make resources available to assist our Members to achieve higher levels of professional success.

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